Book-A-Ride Service

This is an “on demand” service open to the members of public who need the wheelchair friendly mode of transport provided by Caring Fleet Services (CFS).

Members of public have to register with CFS before they can use the service. After a simple registration process, the registered member can book the service by means of a simple phone call to the office (Tel no: 6281 8118). They are encouraged to book as early as possible. 

The Book-A-Ride fare is charged on a one-way single trip and it covers the cost of wheelchair bound passenger and one care giver. Fare subsidies are available through various social services to assist those who are in need.


Contract Service

This service involves the chartering of the vehicles to different voluntary welfare organizations (VWOs) to meet the requirements of their beneficiaries. Schedules and deployment of the vehicles are coordinated by Caring Fleet with the respective VWOs.

VWOs interested in chartering of CFS vehicles can get in touch with CFS Operation Manager or General Manager.


Weekend outings/social visits

CFS can provide vehicles for those wheelchair bound and non-ambulant persons participating in social programmes or outings during weekends or holidays. 

Please get in touch with us via or contact us at 6281 8118.